2012. október 30., kedd

NFS4 autofs homes on Ubuntu 12.04

Last time he have arranged the mount of the directories exported by our NFS4 server using Kerberos auth. Well but what if we have lots of users? Why sould we mount the whole /home on the client? Today we help this problem.
(Ez a cikk magyarul is olvasható)
Working on the client:
sudo apt-get install autofs5
Append a new line to the file /etc/auto.master:
/home /etc/auto.home
Create the file /etc/auto.home:
*    -fstype=nfs4,rw,sec=krb5    ubuserver.itthon.cucc:/home/&
Do not forget to use the same seitting at the switch sec= you use in the server export (krb5/krb5i/krb5p).
sudo service autofs restart
Ready. When logging in you will have your home in place. (Except if your present user is a local user and has his home under /home. In this situation the folder already in use will prevent the mount of the new /home. The only solution seems to move the homes of the local users -  if any - out of /home.)
Last check is to issue the command klist. You will note that more than one Kerberos-ticket is used to make your life easier.

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